4 States in 4 Weeks

The month of April has afforded B (of Nomadic Newlyweds) & I the opportunity to travel cross country, Girl's Getaway style.  As I write this, we are in the midst of this fantastic journey full of wanderlust & adventure.  I'm sticking to my mantra of working full time while traveling part time, don't you worry.  This month will cost me only 1 day of vacation (because I wanted a cheaper flight -


HA still frugal).  I utilized the Southwest Travel Map to find places that B & I could travel (round trip) for less than, or close to, $200 ($100/person).  Before we embarked on this journey, I made B my "Companion" so that she would travel with me for free. Then we could split the flight cost! If you're curious how I manage to fly at half cost with a friend, or bring someone along for free --> Click Here.


1 | San Antonio

First up, a place in Texas I hadn't explored yet - San Antonio. The flights were cheap & the "San Antonio" Pinterest search was fruitful.  We saw photos of Blue Bonnets galore, had friends talk up the trip (to no end, it seemed), & even researched the local food via Yelp.  There was a Riverwalk & if you stayed in the right place, you could easily hit up the Pearl Brewery (an area, not an actual brewery) & Southtown (also an area).  Being a foodie - I had my mind made up when I looked into all of the local hot spots in Southtown.  B, well, she made up her mind when she discovered you could jaunt down the Riverwalk with wine-in-hand.  That's right, no open container law on the Riverwalk.  It reminded her of Europe & our decision was made! 


2 | Sedona

Next stop, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  This one was slightly difficult as the options were endless.  There was a food festival in Scottsdale, but there were also amazing views in Sedona. Let's not forget Tucson & Flagstaff! We also had a travel companion on this trip, Jessica (of Armoire Consulting).  It was truly going to be the ultimate Girl's Getaway, our theme for April.  Well, Flagstaff didn't have a lot of choices when it came to lodging.  At least compared to the other three, it didn't seem like an option.  Tucson seemed a little out of the way considering Jess had been staying in Scottsdale visiting family and it would have doubled her drive.  That left Sedona & Scottsdale.  The food festival was enticing, but it also meant tourists everywhere. That's not quite our jam. Also, Jess had already experienced Scottsdale - it was time for something new & fun! The Sedona spa scene may have helped us a bit with deciding too 😉 Off to Sedona we went! 


3 | Oklahoma City

Time for our mid-stop, staycation! We tried to convince Jess to abandon her family & come with, but she was tired of us (this is where I'd insert something like #goals if I wasn't joking) 🙂 I'm based out of Oklahoma City & it would have been a long drive home for Brooke so we decided we would explore! We are in the midst of this right now & there is an Art Festival going on! There's actually always something going on in OKC, I just never really seemed to take advantage of it & enjoy my own city.  That's changing.  We are going to watch the sunset on Hefner, eat as much as we possibly can & do everything we can muster on the Visit OKC website! Brooke is even going to photograph some engagement photos for a couple of friends! Luckily, we are good at relaxing in the midst of chaos. It's a talent.  


4 | San Francisco

Last stop on the Girl's Getaway train, San Francisco.  We are so ready for this trip! We want to see the typical attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge & maybe even venture down to Big Sur. We also want to live like a local & find luxury in the most unusual places.  Let's not forget watching the sun set over the Pacific! It's crazy the options when it comes to hotels.  We are still choosing because we want to find some place unique & amazing.  This way, we can go out with a BANG! Since we're going to go out with a BANG, what better way to do that, than with a videographer in tow! Mr. Curtis Pittman, also known as "Pitty", will be venturing into the unknown with us & we couldn't be happier! See you soon San Fran!


Stay tuned, I'm gearing up for a new series I am dubbing "Keep It Local".  I can't wait to share with you how we kept it local at each weekend retreat.  B will be sharing fun features on the hotels & local hot spots as well.



  1. May 23, 2016 / 1:55 pm

    Hi you! I just notice that you have Kånken. Have a nice part time travel. Greetings from Finland!

    • travelparttime
      June 6, 2016 / 8:36 pm

      It actually belongs to a friend, but it’s a great little pack! Thanks for checking-in!

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