Seriously? You actually want to read about me? I'm flattered. That's not sarcasm (though I do tend to be sarcastic), I really am flattered. I always wonder if anyone really reads the "about" page & here you are proving to me that they do. Hmm, what's there to know about me. I'm a nerd. That's a given. I have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering so talk numbers to me, it's my love language. I grew up in Ohio, but somehow live in Oklahoma. Maybe I got confused between the 'O' states on a return trip from California? Who knows, but I'm a homeowner here so I guess I'll stay. I have two cats, one is the color of Honey so I creatively named her "Honey". The other is a boy, so I creatively named him "Boy Cat". Obviously the Creative in me runs deep (there's the sarcasm).

So I'm on this weird adventure called life & I've made the conscious decision to try to do it has healthful as possible. Speaking of health, raise your hand if you understand that health can be related to more subjects than just, food *raises hand*. You name it, I can relate it to health in one way or another. My main objectives for this website fall under four categories:

Travel | For a Healthy Soul

Kitchen | For a Healthy Gut

Beauty | For a Healthy Body

Life | For a catchall

(come on guys, I may want to write about something random)

Alright, let's close this out with three random facts about Tasha (that's me, sorry, I missed the formal introduction).

1. If you ask me what kind of wine I like, my answer will simply be, "Red".

2. I don't drink or really like beer, but if I'm at a brewery I'm getting a flight (I love anything miniature).

3. For some reason, all of my female friends are insanely gorgeous. It's like I planned it. It's also semi-obnoxious, but what can you do, ya just gotta love 'em.

4. I overuse parenthesis & apparently cannot count to three.

*Disclaimer* Yes two of my random facts were about alcohol - no I am not an alcoholic (I swear, mom).