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The "Tips & Tricks" section of Travel Part Time isn't about your typical "packing strategies" or "the best shoes to wear to the airport" - it's about saving money, first & foremost. I'm not rich. If you read My Story, you'll know I'm pretty average. I work full-time & have an insatiable wanderlust that I will NOT ignore, which is why I choose to Travel Part Time. AirBnB makes it incredibly easy to share your personal referral link & earn up to $5,000 in travel credits.  


There are many ways to share this code & earn credits.  There is no reason not to capitalize on this! I've made over $200 in a week at times & that's only a small dent in the $5,000 AirBnB allows.  To read about how to share your personal referral code & where to find it, please click here. To be completely transparent, AirBnB does have rules on how to share your referral code. This article is about where to share your code to get the most bang for 

Looking to book your first AirBnB? Earn $30 towards your first big adventure! Just click here to create your account & when you book your first trip, you'll receive $30 in your AirBnB account.If you've already created an account, but haven't traveled yet, no big deal - just create a new one!


1 | Social Media

I've read a lot about sharing things on social media & you'd be surprised what someone retains when they scroll through their feed on Facebook.  It doesn't take sharing about something daily to make a difference - people remember.  Next time you book an AirBnB, share the booking on your Facebook & other social media with your referral link included.  This will allow you to make it personal & share about your upcoming trip as well as let people know that a site as amazing as AirBnB exists. Believe it or not, a lot of people still don't know what AirBnB is.  One thing to be sure and do is let people know you can save them $30 if they use your link.  More than likely no one is going to book immediately, but when their next trip comes along, they will remember your post & shoot you a text or message to snag your link. Basically, don't underestimate the power of social media.   

2 | Word of Mouth

You're going on a badass trip. Take photos & share them with friends & relatives. Especially take photos of the place you're staying.  Show it off as well as what you paid for it compared to a hotel. You're friends will automatically be intrigued if they've never heard of AirBnB.  Let them know that they should try it & that if they ever decide to, you can save them some money as well as earn some in return. A lot of people will choose to use your referral because they feel like they're helping you out. Others will use it to explicitly save money. Everyone is different, either way - cater to both types & you win on both fronts. 

3 | Random Sharing Successes

Get creative, there are a plethora of ways to share your AirBnB code. I've seen success with something as simple as including it at the end of your emails or simply placing it after each post you write (if you blog).  The AirBnB Terms state that you should only be sharing it in ways that the recipient of the code is most likely going to be someone that you know.  Meaning using sites like isn't going to cut it.  However, every time I Google "AirBnB Referral Code" those sites pop up so I imagine people post on them all of the time.  I don't know what the repercussions are for doing that though, so I wouldn't suggest it. 

Disclosure: The link above is my affiliate link for Airbnb.

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