Deconstructed Egg Rolls | Whole30 & Paleo

I'm a sucker for cabbage. Sounds weird, but I am - it's like crack for me, especially in soups. I have to say I like egg rolls, but never feel good about eating them because they're fried and doughy. This was my solution & it's a pretty darn good one if I may toot my own horn.

Fun fact: don't shred your cabbage like it's show in the photo! I effed up, it's not as good as cutting it into squares & still having a wee bit of crunch to it.



1 lb ground pork

1 T coconut aminos

2T avocado oil or ghee

1/2 T sesame oil

1 t salt

1 t cayenne pepper

1 sm head of cabbage, chopped roughly

1/2 packed cup shredded carrots



  1. Place your avocado/ghee into a saute pan on high heat
  2. Mix your pork with the coconut aminos, sesame oil, salt & cayenne
  3. Saute the pork until it starts to brown, but is still semi pink (meaning, put it in the pan & don't mess with it)
  4. When you think the bottom is browning, but there is still some pink  (check if you need to) - stir the pork up & then place the cabbage and carrots on top
  5. Do not stir the veggies in, simply place them on top of the stirred pork and place a lid on your pot
  6. Turn the heat down to medium
  7. After around 10 minutes, try a piece of cabbage. If it is cooked with just a bit of crunch - give your whole pan a good stir & serve! If not, stir & put the lid back on, checking every 2 minutes
  8. Season as you please or eat plain. I like to eat mine with some paleo sriracha (no sugar!)

Makes for great leftovers, the flavor just gets better!


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