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You can read about how I hit 4 States in 4 Weeks. One thing I didn't mention in that article - My goals for travel.  I'm not big on taking the "tourist" route around the city, though I am a tourist.  It's important to me, to experience each place as if it were a highlight reel of my life there.  As if I were a local & living in that area.  This isn't necessarily because I like to go against the grain, though I do.  It's mostly because of the respect I have for the people who have built a life in that given area.  The people who uprooted everything & moved there in hopes of following their dreams. The people that were born & raised there & refuse to leave.  Whether it's the part time Mountain Biker that moved because they decided it was time to make their pastime a full time reality - or the woman who lost everything & decided to start fresh through pursuing her culinary dreams & opening a restaurant.  Everyone ended up in that area for a reason & that reason deserves respect.  The locals deserve to be recognized for what they have accomplished.

I'm starting this "Keep It Local" chain of articles to pay homage to those people.  The hardworking people that chose to go to war with our big government & start a small business.  

These men & woman work incredibly hard to keep their doors open while tourist chains open up all around them.  When I say "tourist chains", you know what I'm referring to.  I'm referring to the restaurants and shops that just happen to be everywhere there is a beach or great hiking.  They aren't one-of-a-kind and they aren't a small business.  They are corporate. "Keep It Local" is as much a mantra for me as "Travel Part Time".

I'm hoping that by writing a "Keep It Local" article about each trip I take, I can challenge you.  Next time you are on holiday or vacationing someplace special, don't go somewhere you've been before for dinner or pick a travel agency that is rural to the entire continent.  Keep. It. Local. Do your research, support your small businesses and business owners.  I've never regretted it & I have faith you won't either.  Heck, the local spots are always filled with locals (duh) - meaning if you're nice enough, they might just let you in on a local secret.  After all, the locals really are the best tour guides & the best people you'll meet your entire trip! So don't be a typical tourist, be a part time local. They won't mind 🙂


Photography By: Nomadic Newlyweds & Travel Part Time

Local Spot: The Local Juicery in Sedona



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