Lavender + Rosemary Spray


This is a truly perfect gift, as it’s multi-purpose. You can utilize the Lavender + Rosemary Spray in the restroom, or any room for that matter. It makes for the perfect pillow & linen spray. Not only that, but I actually went extra old school & sprayed my Christmas cards with it! I’m sure there are 101 other ways to use this spray, I’m anxious to continue trying them out!


2 oz. spray bottle (I chose these *click here* due to the great reviews)

4 drops of Young Living, Lavender Essential Oil

2 drops of Young Living, Rosemary Essential Oil

Distilled Water


This one is rather simple, just mix all ingredients inside of the spray bottle! Be sure to leave a little room at the top to screw the sprayer back on or you’ll have a wee bit of a mess. Shake before use.



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