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My Secret Weapon To Choosing Makeup

Believe it or not, it's a website & it will change your beauty-lovin'-life. The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database rates your makeup & its' ingredients based on safety. 1 being the safest & 10 being absolutely horrid. I can happily say that everything I use in my beauty routine rates at a 3 or lower. If a specific product doesn't pull up, search by individual ingredient. It may be tedious, but do it enough & you'll learn what to look out for while shopping.


My Favorite Makeup Brands & What I Personally Use



Yes, this is an MLM & yes I sell it. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a Project Engineer & I make a great living - I don't sell BC because I want to make money. I got into BC because of their Never List & because of their rankings on the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. With 123 products currently ranked on the site, not a single one is above a 3. Guys, that's crazy. I shop at Natural Grocers because all of their produce is organic & I don't have to think when I shop there. If it's fresh, it's organic - period. That's how I feel about Beautycounter. I can trust them because of The Never List & I don't have to think too hard about something when I put it in my cart.

The Dew Skin Tint Foundation

On days when my skin isn't exactly at it's best, I like a little coverage. This foundation allows me to build coverage & it wears light & is creamy to the touch.

Color Define Brow Pencil

Graduating to this pencil from my old toxic brand was a transition for me. Why? Because you have to sharpen it (I'm lazy). It draws on lightly or heavily depending on how hard you push. That's what I want in a brow pencil. Plus, it wears all day.

Color Shade Eye Duo

I buy the Fawn/Night eyeshadow & utilize it as an eyeliner. I'm not a fan of a heavy line, it detracts from my eyes. I like the natural look that a shadow can give you with the right brush. I also buy the Pearl/Champagne eyeshadow for my actual eyelid. Actual colors aren't my style, if I do color it's a bold lip.

Lip Shine

To finish off my day-look, I use this gloss. It's not sticky, but it's heavy enough to stay on.


100% Pure

Their makeup is fruit-dyed, but you still need to be careful. For the most part their products rank well in the Skin Deep Database, but some of their products rank above a 3. 

Natural Lipstick

Their lipsticks are made with Pomegranate Oil & smell like candy. They wear off, which weirdly, is what I want in a lipstick. Long wear lipsticks crack & build up on my lips. I want a lipstick that wears well for a few hours & disappears. This way when I reapply it, I'm not building on old yucky lipstick. Then there isn't some weird line of lipstick leftover on the edge of my lips. If you're sneaky & willing to wait around, you can snag these lipsticks as gifts with purchase or $10 a piece a few times a year.

Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara

This mascara is a 2 on the Skin Deep Database & works so well. It also smells like candy, I think that must be a theme with their makeup. I love this mascara for daily wear. The color comes from Black Tea! I prefer the Beautycounter mascara when I need a waterproof.



Andalou Naturals

I rely on Andalou for a lot of my beauty products. They make a few makeup items & I've fallen in love with one specifically!

Perfecting BB Beauty Balm Natural Tint SPF 30

In the summer when I have a little color to my face & my skin is clear - I cannot get enough of this beauty balm. It's very minimum in terms of coverage, but it gives you this crazy amazing dewy glow! Also, it scores a 1 in the Skin Deep Database - SCORE!

Photos c/o Emily Lindsey Photography. Not sponsored, but I do sell Beautycounter.

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