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Because I live here in Oklahoma City & because everyone highly underestimates it. If you haven’t been here in the last 5 years, you have no room to pass judgement. This place has undergone a complete makeover & let me tell you, it’s on the rise.


OKC - Will Rogers World Airport


Rental Car - For you...I live here 😉  


In Film Row, on the West side of downtown Oklahoma City at 21c Museum Hotel - So there are a few of these gems scattered across the United States. The best part, each of these hotels has a different color penguin. Think I’m crazy? These guys have life sized purple penguins all over the hotel that you can legit take anywhere with you (on property). Don’t want to eat breakfast alone? Bring a penguin. Need a card playing partner? Grab a penguin! Want to check out the art gallery, that just so happens to be the entire first floor? Bring a penguin buddy. I named my penguin Bocephus & we did EVERYTHING together.


For a bit of edgy fun! - Oklahoma City isn’t cowboys & red dirt. It’s actually more like a melting pot of swanky, low key destinations. I lived in booties & distressed black skinnies. Of course, you can find cowboys & red dirt, but you’re going to have a hard time doing that downtown.


Ride A Dreidle - I think they are actually tops, but whatever. There is an art exhibit inside of 21c Museum Hotel that has spinning tops the size of recliners. You can literally jump into one and spin ‘til your heart's content. I have a few bruises from this experience, drink & dreidle ride at your own risk.

Riversport Adventures - If you’re legit looking for adventure you’re going to need to visit when it’s warm & pack more than booties & denim. OKC opened up an actual white water park & it’s relatively gnarly. I’ve gone rafting all over the US & I never expected to flip a raft in man-made white water. Someday, someone will find my precious sunglasses in the parks water filter.


Power House - Where there is beer, there are locals. <<< I actually say that in every post. Why? Because it’s true in every state, in every country, all over the world. I’m pretty sure this place is literally an old power house. We sat at the bar and was creepily invited across the parking lot to watch some short film screenings. A few drinks in & that wasn’t as creepy as it actually sounds. We stole away with our Chile Pork Verde & libations to watch 3 short films with the actors and directors. Talk about a locals hangout.

Bleugarten - Where there is beer, there are locals. Oh, is that repetitive yet? Still true. Food truck parks are on the up & up. This place pulls out all of the stops. There is giant jenga & cute puppies EVERYWHERE.


Mary Eddy’s - Yup, I know, the hotel restaurant isn’t that adventurous. If you’re staying at a boutique hotel though, chances are the hotel restaurant will actually be the bees knees. This place has a fantastic breakfast & even offers brunch. Trying to find a place to eat brunch in OKC can be brutal because the wait can be up to 3 hours. I think Mary Eddy’s may, MAYBE still be a bit of a hidden gem for brunch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not freaking fantastic (it is). They also have a bar menu for when you get the munchies around 1 AM. Don’t mind if I do!

Goro Ramen - Are you a ramen connoisseur? Never had ramen in your life? Regardless of the scenario, make time for this restaurant. I’m not kidding. I’ve NEVER. That’s all I’m going to say. *drool*


Udander - One of my all time favorite ways to exhale. This is the only spa I've found in Oklahoma City that is anywhere near the caliber of a luxury spa found on an island somewhere tropical. At Udander they use clean products & care about what they are putting on your skin or selling you to put on your skin. If you're looking to relax, but not spend a lot - do a steam & sauna with a cup of tea, heck, grab a face mask & really take a load off. If you're not worried about money, do the Udander Retreat. It's $195 & you get a massage, facial, steam & sauna, foot soak & tea! Compared to the price of those luxury resort spas, you get a lot of bang for your buck at this gorgeous locale.

Total: 3-Night Trip for Two $1336.41

Flights: Let’s say you’re flying in, flights to OKC average around $300 roundtrip

Hotel: Totals $676.41for 3 nights (including taxes & fees)

Rental Car: Average rental car for three nights in OKC is around $110

Spending: I always pack $250 for a 3-night trip

Food & lodging c/o 21C Museum Hotels.

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  1. February 8, 2017 / 1:15 am

    Love this, Tasha! I have to try Mary Eddy’s and Udander. Thanks for showing peeps how awesome our city is!

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