West Iceland | Weekend Retreat


Wow, that's a tough one...hmm...why would I want to go to Iceland? Let's see, VOLCANOES + WATERFALLS + BLACK SAND BEACHES (& so much more). Man, I hope these questions don't get more difficult.


RKV - Reykjavík Airport


Rental Car - Though I wish we'd have gotten one of those crazy 4x4 vehicles with giant tires, we got a small car which was perfectly fine for how short of a time we were there. If you're planning more than a couple days or are visiting during bad weather, please be sure to get a proper vehicle that can navigate the crazy landscape that is Iceland. 


Hotel Husafell - This is an easy one. On the west side of Iceland this is a little paradise in and of itself & very centrally located for what the area has to offer. Hell, you can watch a waterfall from your dinner table and discuss how you want to hike to it the following morning. On average, the Northern Lights can be seen from Hotel Husafell 3x a week. The rooms are all equipped with the worlds most comfy beds, beautiful rainfall walk-in showers and these fur chairs that will have anyone swooning. Oh yeah, there's also a couple geothermal pools and waterslide. Float in the healing waters or have a little more fun & take the slide!


For the outdoors & a classy dinner! - Daytime activities revolve around the outdoors, but Hotel Husafell has a beautiful dining room with exquisite cuisine. You'll want to be prepared for both occasions. I wore a nice blouse with dark jeans and lace-up flats to dinner. This was something I could intertwine with the rest of my wardrobe for the trip & it worked out great!


Hike - You can find walking trails nearby that will take you on a glacial hike, through dense woods, into lava formations or to a waterfall. Take full advantage of the free adventure in this incredibly expensive country!

Golf - The hotel is literally on top of a beautiful golf course. Don't worry they have clubs available that you can rent.

Into The GlacierRide in a friggin' crazy vehicle up onto the glacier and explore some ice caves/lava tubes!

Barnafossar - It's free and literally down the street from the hotel. It's a gorgeous storied waterfall. There's a parking lot & little shop with cocoa and coffee. I actually bought my Icelandic Wool headband here and it was insanely cheap compared to everywhere else (like $12). Make sure that you follow the path to the left as well as to the right or you'll miss a LOT. There's also a gorgeous bridge I waited like 10 minutes to snag a few photos on alone. 


The Hotel Restaurant - If you're feeling fancy there is a beautiful restaurant right inside the hotel. They have a lot of Icelandic delicacies and offer a range of beer and wine. It was nice to settle in for dinner and have a few drinks before walking a few feet to our room for bed! This is also where the hotel serves breakfast, which is included in your stay and a huge money saver. Not to mention their selection was fantastic. They even had cod oil that you could shoot, which is apparently pretty normal for Europeans to do in the morning?

Brúarás Geo Center - Such a great find. Their prices are high, but not quite as high as most everywhere else. That made this a perfect lunch stop. From the Icelandic lemonade to the lamb stew - I was feelin' like a local. They also have a fantastic little shop inside & these colorful rocking chairs that I wanted to steal and take home!


The Blue Lagoon - If you're coming from the airport, this is pretty much on your way no matter which direction you intend to travel. Yes, it's touristy. Yes, everyone is doing it. No, you shouldn't miss it. The experience is wonderful & the water is like something out of a fantasy. I break out on my chest from allergies & for a few days after my soak, the breakouts were gone. I highly suggest booking ahead of time (online) as they fill up quickly & this saves you a bit of money. If you don't book a package with a towel, you better bring your own because it's pricey to rent one. They have free (included) silicone face masks in every package, which makes for a bit of fun when your man isn't the face mask type 🙂 

Hotel Husafell comped my two-night stay after I reached out to them for a collaboration. This did not influence the way in which I wrote about them above - the property is truly a paradise & the staff is amazing!

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